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Choosing Beggar Wants iPad For $40 And Free Delivery

Man, these kind of interactions between the choosing beggars of the world and the sane individuals just trying to make a buck without dealing with full on delusional fools really sap our faith in humanity. This choosing beggar really needs to reassess their approach to life. 

Check out another case of a particularly gnarly choosing beggar who expected to pay for a painting with a prayer.

Choosing beggar wants an iPad for $40 and expects free three-hour delivery | only have 40 asked if u can do 40 simple yes or no could do but guess ik answer! Oh assumed meant an extra $40 delivery. No offense, but mean, if were selling something would take less than were asking AND drive over 3 hours? U said e hour and half u? Yeah each way, so over 3 hours round trip
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