Nativity Scene


Sister Attempts To Fix Mom's Nativity Scene, Hilarious Fail Ensues

I mean, at least her heart was in the right place. Sometimes you don't realize that you're definitely not meant to be a sculptor, until after you try to fix mom's broken nativity scene. With the holiday season in bloom, we love a good Christmas fail. This one's definitely a classic. Check out some more funny holiday content, with these people's funniest stories from their office Christmas parties

Sister attempts to fix her mom's nativity scene, and a hilarious fail results | So going try fix my mother's nativity scene Virgin Mary's hands are broken off and needs new coat paint. Soo decide go ahead and see if could sculpt some new hands her have now come some realization while am very crafty and artistic am not sculptor #chickenfeethands #scarymary #JesusHelpMe
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