mac demarco

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Was really trying to sum up the rollercoaster ride that is Mac Demarco partaking in the ever sadistic, albeit highly entertaining Hot Ones challenge, in that headline.

If you're not familiar with our Canadian-based guest of the hour, DeMarco picked up something of a cult following for the very fact he so blatantly lives against the grain as a chainsmoking, shitty-beer-guzzling countercultural, anti-indie (even though he'd fall on the vein of 'indie rock) singer-songwriter with a talent for penning angsty though relatable, psychedelic lyrics.

Lyrics that have a knack for inviting you to breathe in a bit deeper and out even easier, as you float through a day's menial tasks with calm complacency. Check out his most acclaimed album to date over here, if you're at all intrigued.

But anyways that's just his musical background. You could hate the young dude's music, and still enjoy his pridefully weird, bizarre antics, during this 'interview.'