Plumber Accidentally Spawns Waking Lovecraftian Nightmare

Now that's a fun day on the job. This plumber was clearly just trying to help some folks out at a roadside motel, and little did he know that he'd go on to craft nothing short of a waking Lovecraftian nightmare. One can only imagine the look of pure shock and terror that must've fallen upon the poor guest that saw said nightmare creep through the shower. A definite hilarious fail. 

A funny Tumblr story about a plumber accidentally spawning a Lovecraftian nightmare. | lullabyforavirgin S iwasgoingtohellanyw catchymemes Follow Malgayne 19h 2 my grandfather young he owned roadside motel, and my mother used do work around motel family building old and they had bad pipes, so visits plumber were fairly regular occurrence over there.
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