loan shark


Guy Steals From Roommates, Skips Town, Loan Sharks Intervene

Kevin is a contender for the worst roommate of all time. Regardless of whether this story's real or not, the dude who shared it painted quite the picture. You've got a lazy and aimless roommate caught up in a terrible cycle of self-destructive gambling that ultimately manifests in him stealing, and being hunted down by some formidable loan sharks. If this is indeed a real story and they sent Kevin's old roommates that Christmas card with the money they were owed, that's sweeter than hot cocoa on Christmas Eve. 

Guy steals from his roommates, skips town, and then loan sharks hunt him down | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/ack1308 7d Loan Sharked This is story someone used know posted r/StoriesAboutKevin so call him Kevin. first He needed place stay, and my mate needed someone help pay rent, so he moved Apart few minor dietary habits, such as walking around house drinking chocolate milk 2L bottle and not putting back fridge as sour smell slowly grows seemed be fine.
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