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The World Just Realized John Legend Looks Like Arthur, The Cartoon aardvark, and Maybe There's a Lesson In This About Sharing or Something

Yesterday, the world was shocked. Not by a scientific breakthrough or a spell-binding work of art. Not even a policy decision made by one of our world leaders — well, they might have been. No, the world was shocked because they suddenly realized that singer/songwriter John Legend looks like the cartoon aardvark Arthur. 


Even more shocking was the response from Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, which sent the world struggling to breathe. 

The world might never be the same. 

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john legend donald trump twitter John Legend Explained to Donald Trump's Son Why People Were Protesting His Dad's Rally
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Donald Trump's political rally in Chicago got shut down because of people protesting him. His son, Donald Trump Jr. responded with a claim that the protestors didn't know why they were even protesting.  John Legend had a pretty simple answer for him. 

Another Twitter user, notably with the name "RedKneckHillBilly", claimed John Legend said that because he just had no education and in this case, he might be right...


Because both Trumps went to the University of Pennsylvania, just like John Legend, and look where that got them.