Tumblr User Explores Meaning Of Life In Laminated Paper Towel

You just never know what you're going to get from the wild world of Tumblr and all of its strange, wandering minds. Sometimes, you end up coming across an individual like the one we have here who is thoroughly committed to discovering the meaning of life by hyper analyzing a laminated paper towel. And naturally, the results are nothing short of glorious. Check out some more gold from Tumblr with this thread where a master in animal sciences gets schooled on horses

A Tumblr user explores the meaning of life in a laminated paper towel. | rogueziph-blog laminated paper towel urbandictionaryfinds why does this have 31 thousand notes oneglitterorgy made useless but also prevented end predestined | cuddlemonstercas But wait this is actually freaking out though raises so many questions about otherwise incomprehensible meaning life as collective whole versus personal sustenance and longevity Imagine if one day were given choice: Become immortal and indestructible
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