Teacher Thinks Diabetes Pump is Phone, Tries to Confiscate It

What is a diabetes pump for but injecting drama into a school? Sure this is technically entrapment, but the trap has been set. Not many students are given the opportunity to make their teacher look like an ass. Here are some wild junk teachers said as well as the story of an overly strict teacher telling a student not to speak.

Teacher tries to confiscate diabetes pump | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Sugar_Daddy24 20 hours ago Phone? Sorry, just my diabetes pump. oc M Just found this sub! This story dates back my senior year high school (2013 My school quite small had graduating class 92 so everyone knew everyone. All teachers were amazing and very involved our academic lives, but most part had nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately there 1 teacher, our English AP teacher, who just an absolute jerk. She type
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