Genealogy Discovery Ignites Nasty Family Conflict

Honestly, it sounds like there were some folks in this family that could've benefited from not making assumptions about their ancestry, and then proceeding to carve a whole lifestyle out of it. It can really pay off in the long run to just do your research, before making those big moves, like assuming you're Native American when you're actually Eastern European. Hopefully, this family was able to put their differences aside, quell the rage, and ultimately make up. 

Check out some more ancestry kit drama with this family that got blindsided by a shocking ancestry kit revelation. 

Family's genealogy discovery ignites gnarly family conflict | AITA making potentially "embarrassing" family genealogy discoveries visible on Not hole been extended family's amateur genealogist more than 20 years built an enormous family tree on Names and details on all living people are hidden (unless give special permission someone Info on deceased people is visible.
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