Cringeworthy YouTuber fouseyTUBE Just Pulled Off Biggest Concert Fail Of 2018

fouseyTUBE's been on a senseless, Kanye West-esque rampage recently. The YouTuber went on a (delusional) spree to put together a "free" concert at The Greek theatre in LA, in a matter of days. This follows what he said would be a #1 Top 100 Billboard hit music video all about spreading love, that was nothing more than a mindless "diss track" against another equally irritable YouTuber. You can't make this sht up. He claims to have thrown stacks of his own money into funding the event, and on a particularly sane instinct, he went ahead and tried to "will"/believe-hard-enough that Drake and other stars like Lebron James would show up to the event. 

The resulting event was shut down by a SWAT team due to a bomb threat, before it even started. Some folks are proposing running theories that fouseyTUBE himself called in the threat to avoid reckoning with a total failure, muddled-shtshow of an event. Since the event was shut down, he's been radio silent, and said he'll be back with his thoughts on how everything shook out (fell apart), sometime tonight. While his intentions gave off the vague appearance of goodheartedness, we can't help but impatiently wait for some sort of explanation to the destructive madness that ensued. It all gives off a surreal, disconcerting vibe. The dude seems like he's one more sleepless night away from falling off the face of the earth, and slipping into full-fledged insanity. 

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