Tumblr Thread: Darth Vader is the Queen of Drama

Vader will do anything for drama. He'll turn off his own life support, stand on top of a god damn tie fighter, and make double puns while choking an employee. These Tumblr users are pretty sure there's nothing he won't do for the sake of drama. For another interesting Star Wars thread, here's an informative and funny Tumblr thread on exactly what Han Solo was smuggling.

Tumblr thread on how Darth Vader is very dramatic | sohaliatalitha okay but Vader literally turned off lights on his chest panel make an impression on Rebels whole emerging darkness by light his saber thing intentional dramatic effect drama king. Leia got away because he wasted 30 seconds scaring crap outta those poor rebel mooks. lunacyandlovliness And since they're indicators, he would have had turn his life support off. So he nearly died drama. fuckyeahdiomedes Vader lives on mustafar planet
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