Children Of Horrible Cooks Share Their Pain

Many of us grew up with less than stellar cooks at the helms of our households, and we bear the scars of the past. Cooking isn't intuitive, and more often than not a rushed parent just needs to get something on the table, even if it will become a negative memory. Some of us still don't eat certain things because we lived in a world of bone-dry chicken and boiled broccoli for years. For some other garbage tasting experiences, here are the worst things people tasted.

stories of people whos parents were bad cooks | Posted by u/KnowNothingOfJavert 14 hours ago 5 3 e S is most horrifying thing parents did food? Every time my dad grills hamburgers, he doesn't season patties at all, squeezes all juice out them, and then wayyyyyy overcooks them end result is weird, dry, falling apart, dark gray hockey puck love him but his burgers are something else!
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