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Twitter is Outraged at Blackface Chinese New Year Sketch

The sketch about African-Chinese relations, featuring a Chinese actress in blackface and wearing prosthetics, was watched by up to 800 million people in China. It's quickly become the center of a controversy about racial ignorance in the country.

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chinese new year fail This Suggestive Chinese New Year Poster Is Definitely Hiding Something
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As the poster says, 2016 is the year of the monkey. Do you see the monkey in this minimalist design? The little ears, kind of a long face but it's pretty clear. Some people have pointed out that it looks like something else... though it's hard to place it. 

What is it... 

via @Decertati0

No that can't be it. 

via @BigPuppy_Stuart

How rude! 

via @JonQuixote

Yes, that's it! Exactly what I was thinking...