Tumblr Thread: The Extremely Suspicious Not-Mob Guy

Tumblr kicks around concepts like nobody's business and this looks totally like a show we'd want to watch. And as it turns out, there actually is a hilarious story that's based on a similar concept. For more off-the-wall spinnings of the mind, here are some random funny Tumblr gems to fill those pockets.

Tumblr thread about a funny suspicious mob character | urbanfantasyinspiration Follow Ilike idea cop character who looks and acts like he's Mob He acts SUPER Italian >He always has some cousin can help them out on case (either as an informant or they can fix up car or whatever) and they're all different people, but they're all named Tony >Whenever he's interrogating suspect he always does borderline mob shit like sure would be shame if something were happen Hair and fashion sense are 10/10
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