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Bank Manager Insists On Being Unreasonable, Older Siblings Get Involved

While older siblings might be prone to picking on their younger siblings, there's also something strangely consistent about how they'll go to war with anyone that takes on that role that's not in the family. This bank manager clearly underestimated the older siblings that'd eventually get involved. Should've given out that grown up card before the other grown ups got involved. Check out some more juicy revenge drama with this dude who flipped the script on some nightmare neighbors.

Bank manager won't be reasonable, so older siblings get involved | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Nefirzum 21h 1 3 3 Don't mess with my family lul did not do revenge but made New at this and not English so sorry spelling. TLDR at bottom. Background grew up almost exactly between two small villages and C. Since our house belonged same postal route as village did all our postal and banking village. Even went school village CI still did banking etc eventually got job and apartment CI went do my banking
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