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Twitter Scientist Air Fries a Hotdog For Two Hours

Ask around, visit a friend's house, and it seems like everyone has an air fryer all of a sudden. They seem pretty cool, but such new technology has yet to be experimented upon by the home scientists among us. @KLobstar went ahead and did some cutting edge science, seeing what would happen if you left this newfangled device to operate on a hot dog for 120 minutes. For some more loose handling of the science, Here's a handy tumblr list of the lickable sciences.

funny twitter thread of guy air frying a hot dog for two hours pretending it's science | kendrick lobstar @KLobstar 50 minutes has elapsed, 70 minutes remain. My wife and son have gone outside and have opened kitchen window | kendrick lobstar @KLobstar 60 minutes has elapsed, 60 minutes remain have been advised by fellow scientists allow hotdog and air fryer cool off before continuing air is thick with hotdog flavor.
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