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Tumblr Users Are Enraged Over The News About Adult Content Being Banned

Tumblr opened the floodgates to hell itself today when they revealed they'll be banning adult content come December 17th. Users will have an opportunity to challenge Tumblr's decision in scenarios where they feel a mistake has been made. Tumblr recognizes as well that this will be an ongoing process of polishing up its automated tools (approval/disapproval) feature to ensure the content subject to being banned is in fact explicit. That being said, the people of Tumblr and the fans of free-flowing, unconstrained media on the internet have spoken; and they are not pleased. Actually, that's the vast understatement of the day. 

Their collective blood pressure's higher than a testosterone-charged, red-faced angry hockey dad, who just watched his kid miss the last-second shot on an empty goal to win the State Championship. Take a look at our selection of their brash, occasionally comprehensive reactions to Tumblr's decision. 

gripes and rants about tumblrs ban on NSFW materials and other changes
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