Tumblr Thread: The Human on A Vulcan Ship

In typical tumblr fashion, we've got a situation that upends ye olde sci fi tropes with the prospect of a regular person chilling on a ship full of cold, calculating Vulcans. It's reminiscent of this study into human nature featuring a space-worthy weaponized Roomba. Tumblr has its own Star Trek ideas, like these questions Tumblr had about gay Klingons.

funny tumblr thread of a human on a Vulcan ship | idontwant-these Star Trek idea comedy sitcom where instead Vulcan on mostly human ship is human on mostly Vulcan ship | All Vulcans are fiercely protective fragile, illogical, prone--danger, smart, reckless little human make human feel more accepted (as is only logical Vulcans try include aspects terran culture ship's day--day life, failing spectacularly at human loves them even more | IS BIRTHDAY. They'll get better at celebrating human
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