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Or, to be more exact, Coachella is now on a boat. After the massive success of its two-weekend format this summer, the popular music festival is expanding to two different cruise ship tours this December: a three-day trip around the Bahamas and a four-day trip around Jamaica. Each cruise's lineup features the headliners Pulp and Hot Chip, DJ sets by Girl Talk and James Murphy (formerly of LCD Soundsystem), hip-hop mainstays El-P and Killer Mike, indie rock favorites Sleigh Bells and Black Lips, and more.

As exciting as it might sound, it's gonna cost ya: 500 bucks per person if you don't mind squeezing into a four-person cabin (and that's the cheapest option). But the cost of admission includes lodging, food (but not the alcohol) and the chance to be on a pretty big boat. The cruise ship even hosts a half-acre lawn of grass, just in case you miss the sweet feel of the earth. Heck, who needs college tuition anyway?