Instagram Privacy Hoax Inspires Twitter Roasts, Savage Memes

The Internet Gods have spoken: we have been overdue for another stupid social media privacy hoax. This time around, boomers and the technologically ignorant are concerned about their already non-existent privacy on image-sharing site Instagram.The post claims that deleted photos and messages will be made public unless the "memo" is shared. The message is laughable, but the masses are pretty damn gullible where privacy is concerned. To make matters worse, celebrities and politicians such as Rick Perry (The US Secretary of Energy...) and Usher have been sharing the bogus spam as well. Instagram and Twitter users with a bit more of their wits about them have been using this opportunity to roast their share-happy peers via memes and exasperated tweets - and the results are pretty fricken' funny. 

Memes and tweets about people falling for Instagram privacy policy scam.
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