Religious Dad Asks for Forgiveness After Punching Virtual Stripper

Growing up when Grand Theft Auto was new was one hell of a time. Many of us had to hide the game from our parents, but it was still inevitable that they'd catch you doing some unsavory stuff. We always wondered how people with very strict or very religious parents dealt with it. They made for some interesting scenes, like how this person's religious dad out-religioned some evangelists at the door.

Dad asks God for forgiveness after making mistake in grand theft auto | r/tifu Posted by u/TheBlackBradPitt 3 hours ago TIFU by making my Dad punch stripper GTA and tearfully ask God forgiveness front my entire family. M encouraged post this here comment made elsewhere, even though didn't happen today, or even this decade, so mods please remove if goes against rules s very funny story though young, my brothers and snuck copy San Andreas into house spent days holed up our basement taking turns
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