Old Man Gets Carded, Has Boss Response

Some people like being carded because it makes them feel young. Other people hate it because it's a hassle. This person decided to ID a guy who likely didn't need to be ID'd, and the response was one you wouldn't expect. For a distinctly different ID checking story, here's a Karen who wanted her ID checked, but it turned out to be expired.

Old man gets carded and pulls out war ID from the second world war | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/Definitely_a_Lizard 5 days ago Some can't take joke, some own Short This is story few years ago, but just found this subreddit and reminded cashier at local supermarket, and have law if alcohol is being bought and cashier estimates someone be under 25, they have ask ID. While offends some people is pretty good way get check an ID and see if someone is over 18 legal age buy alcohol. No ID is also no
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