Rude Customer Doesn't Realize He's Returning Collector's Item

Even after having the distinction explained to him, this dude just wasn't having it. It's one of those rare times when "the customer's always right" doesn't exactly benefit the customer. But he got what he wanted, so that's fine. It's like the time this customer ordered exactly a pound of wings and got less wings.

rude customer returns collectors item and watches someone else buy it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/SalvaPot 18 hours ago G 6 2 18 20 3 20 11 want money back on this item is selling 10 times are paying and demand now? Sounds good. oC L run an anime/geek store and are really lenient with pre-orders used not require deposit make an order, and case needed more time pick-up an item, all had do ask could also hold items as long as needed our storage if wanted gather lot items so could save on
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