Bully Snowplow Picks Fight With Wrong Mailbox

Oh, to have seen the priceless look of shock and despair on that snowplow driver's face. We're not sure what compels some people in this world to be plain old mean to everyone else. But alas, when you see someone take a righteous revenge, like what we have here with the reinforced steel mailbox, you feel just a little bit better. With that being said, I can't help but wonder what the snowplow driver's beef was with this particular mailbox. Strange. 

Check out another juicy revenge story with this man who took revenge on a terrible Karen landlord.

A bully snowplow ends up picking a fight with the wrong mailbox | Let's see little punks smash my letterbox now aerylon Folgen This reminds this guy who used live on my dad's street. Every time snowed snow plow would take out his mailbox and only his mail box. And just be clear done intentionally. No one knows why, but driver snow plow would target his box and mow down. He'd call DOT complain, and would get an earful excuses amounted not our fault have wimpy mailbox.
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