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Mindless Things Said By Credit Card Customers

Some people just dig their own holes when it comes to credit card conundrums. Seriously, every now and again the clueless credit card customer will seemingly craft a mess from a situation that otherwise would've been completely peaceful. Or, you've got that level of profound ignorance that results in a credit card customer calling to complain about "interest" that was actually a charge from Payless Shoes. 

A collection of mindless things that were said by credit card customers | r/talesfromcallcenters Join u/HoneyDippinDan 1y More dumb things uttered by my credit card customers. Customer can't believe guys charged 46.72 interest my balance is barely $200 l'm looking at bill and don't show charged any interest. Customer: Well looking right at s right there on July 17th Do mean charge marked "Payless Shoes Customer: Yeah s one s not interest s charge made at Payless Shoes.
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