Auction Winner Won't Pay, Learns Their Lesson

Man, what compels a person to go through all the trouble to win a dang auction and then refuse to pay up? Just not cool, man. Well, this auction winner ended up learning their lesson the hard way. Well played on the part of the person who went ahead and won all those other auctions. A nice mix of petty and pro revenge if we do say so ourselves!

Auction winner won't pay up, so they learn their lesson the hard way | r/ProRevenge Join u/Ryan_is_my_real_name 2y 1 Win my auction and not pay? Oh trust going pay! TL;DR: at bottom make art as hobby. Metal sculptures only sell them need bit money something had holiday coming up so listed one here on TradeMe (an auction site 1 reserve auction lasted 10 days and piece got quite bit interest time with lots people adding their watchlist and bidding on
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