Man Gets DNA Test For Birthday, Soap Opera Ensues

We're honestly just glad that this particular DNA test surprise turned out for the best, and that everyone seems to have handled the shock with grace and love and understanding. Those DNA tests just have an uncanny knack for exposing all the skeletons hiding out in people's closets. Check out another family's shocking experience with a DNA test over here.

Man gifted DNA test for his birthday learns about his real dad and siblings | r/tifu Join u/chabbiedabbie TIFU by giving my boyfriend DNA test his birthday M Edit DNA test 23& health and ancestory kit So this happened back August but he finally got results back few weeks ago. But brace yourselves, this is some soap opera shit. Turns out he has half sister and aunt he never knew about. Both aunt and sister are on his dads side family so he spoke his dad.
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