'I Can Has Cheezburger' Users Reveal Weird Things Their Cats Do

A big thank you to all our wonderful loyal users who shared with us the weird things their cats do. We love you, fellow cat lovers!

And it is so comforting to read through some of these wild cat shenanigans and know that we are not alone. Seems like everyone has a cat with weird quirks and here at I Can Has Cheezburger, we celebrate those quirks!

If you missed out on the fun, don't fret! Just follow us on Facebook for the next challenge and a chance to be featured! 

weird cats facebook challenge cat animals pets lol cute aww i can has cheezburger users | Pat Goss Peels tomatoes and bites bananas have keep them cage | Lilo's adventure time Drinking water out everything except her water bowl pitcher with cucumber slices
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