Quick Tumblr Thread Imagines J.R.R. Tolkien And C.S. Lewis Beefin

Grievances in the literary world are no joke. This quick and funny Tumblr thread takes a look at how some of their hypothetical differences could've gone. Just don't get Tolkien started on the plural of dwarf. 

A quick and funny Tumblr thread imagines Tolkien and CS Lewis beefing | lesbianrey Follow hi tolkien here are my ocs call them Elves (not elfs if call them elfs will block they look like humans but they're tall, live forever, and have pointy ears s bye katobleps Follow cs lewis: are alright with constructive criticism dont want sound mean tolkien: no go ahead want hear cs lewis: they fucking suck tolkien: thats not constructive criticism 788 51 Comments Like Comment Share lazytechsupport
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