Landlord Encourages Tenant To Research Rights, Tenant's Victory Ensues

Man, any time we see a landlord try to pull a fast one on a tenant, and then the tenant proceeds to teach them a lesson, it warms our hearts. In this case, it really just seems like the landlord didn't expect the tenant to do their research. From there, soon as the truth came to light, you can pick up the clear scent of resignation from the landlord trying to continue onward with their antics. Check out another time a shady landlord was defeated by a moral enforcer.

Landlord encourages a tenant to research their rights, the tenant does, and then a victory ensues | Hi friday sent payment on 11:03 .m. Hi no didn't waiting tell if leaving or staying like said. If stay, l'll pay rent. If not staying, then don't have pay rent October, as paid first and last moved Right? 11:09 .m. No said will continue make regular payments and will refund security deposit which us equal one month rent vacate way get back last month rent.
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