The World's Pettiest Revenges

Oh boy, we've got a fresh collection of people taking ridiculous petty revenges on one another. Some folks just refuse to let other people's unconscious behavior roll off their back, and instead they proceed to hatch masterful, crazy petty revenges. These people certainly held nothing back. 

Check out another juicy petty revenge tale with this sister who always stole her sibling's food, so the sibling took revenge at the graduation.

A collection of the pettiest revenge stories we've ever seen | r/pettyrevenge Join u/wonderlandsfinestawp 2d Hog all parking at top hill? Enjoy waiting get out driveway! This happened years ago, back still working residential healthcare. One houses worked at had really steep driveway lead road up front door/garage. There room park at top driveway front entrance, and there more than enough room two cars park side by side this area. Since my shift overnight and usually involved arriving
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