Student Misses Appointment By Seconds, Dumb Loophole Works

Navigating a bureaucracy can be stressful and brimming with pointlessness, especially when dealing with someone who's in a position to make dubious claims about databases and such. Seeing a stupid opportunity, this person used the rules to get themselves in the door. Here are some more great, stupid loopholes that worked.

Student uses scheduling loophole to get appointment 72 hours early | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/theoryofrelativetea 2 days ago 3 00 19 17 3 21 O 810 My appointment cancelled being 5 minutes late guess have reschedule. oc M This happened about 4 years ago got summer job at my university job working professors had worked with before, and they asked last-minute teach summer workshop 9th and 10th graders.
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