30 Tinder Profiles That Did Away With Small Talk, And Were Shamelessly Slutty

These fine and mighty and depraved Tinderellas all but stepped on 'dating app' ceremony, and instead opted for shameless, sexualized-displays of self-promotion. Are some of these borderline insane, and giving off the distinct whiff of potential sex addiction? Suure. Are they also dually awesomely transparent? Absolutely, and there's no doubt they're the kind of profiles that didn't rake in a truckload of right swipes... Tinder really is full of surprises. You never know what you'll find. 

slutty tinder profiles | Brassiere - Sarah, 29 42 miles away Active 2 hours ago 34J. Yes, they're rea | Woman - Valentina, 18 Aupair 13 miles away grown but not grown, grown. Which means know ride dick but still not sure taxes work. | Woman - Alicia, 18 Idon't want brag, but don't need chew eating banana.
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