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Sweden's social media experiment, in which it surrenders its "official" Twitter account to a different Swedish citizen every week, has been running for six months now without any major embarrassments. Unfortunately, its good luck ran out earlier today after a 27-year-old mother of two tweeted fairly clueless "questions" about persons of the Jewish persuasion.

Setting aside the obvious point that conspicuous markers of identity have not gone well for Jewish people historically, why would you even NEED to know whether someone's Jewish or not? You'll discover a person's religion, race, heritage, or identity as you get to know them better over time. Until then, they're just an acquaintance or a passer-by that could be Jewish or Lutheran for all you know.

Barely a tenth of a percent of Swedish people are Jewish, so the questions that were tweeted today probably came from ignorance more than anything else. No word on whether Sweden is considering a mandatory training video on political correctness for future wielders of the country's Twitter handle.