Women Reveal The Biggest Red Flags They Ignored In Relationships

Aah, that blissful feeling of being in love — it's a beautiful thing, but it doesn't come without its complications. At one point or another, many of us will have found ourselves in questionable relationships where we put up with behaviors we shouldn't have—speaking for a friend, of course. The rose-colored glasses we wear in relationships can blind us to some pretty glaringly obvious red flags, which we can only see clearly once the relationship has ended. On the bright side, we can use them as learning experiences of what not to ignore when it comes to our next relationship. A tweet asking people to share the biggest red flags they ignored in relationships has revealed some hilarious responses, which might make you relate to any previous sh*t shows you dated in the past. What were some red flags you ignored?

people share the biggest red flags they ignored in relationships | thumbnail Text - obj @objsucks 000 what's the biggest red flag you ever ignored? i'll start. i dated a guy who drank vodka milks. not white russians. vodka with ice and whole milk. that's on me. 11:42 PM Dec 27, 2020 Twitter for iPhone 12.5K Retweets 13.5K Quote Tweets 326.4K Likes, Thank Dog! M @Stephanie_KJ 000 Replying to @objsucks I dated a guy who used to share a single chocolate with his mother in the evening after su
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