dry ice


Dry Ice Loophole Makes Mockery of Robotics Competition

There's no solution more compelling than those lazy "it's not stupid if it works" moments, even if they're technically against the rules. A low budget or DIY solution might make a judge mad, but you can't say that your solution wasn't effective. For another story of a stroke of lazy genius, here's a guy who needed a permit to build a garage so he just bought a van.

Funny loophole story of dry ice robotics competition | is funniest loophole have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute Technology school, they held robotics competition pretty simple, conceptually had make firefighting robot would have navigate maze, find candle and put out (fully automated, no remote control can't remember exact size but think robot had be smaller than 1 foot length, width, and height. Scoring as follows start with time long takes search every room and put
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