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25 Pics And Memes About Relationships That Might Make You Feel Very Lonely

These'll either make you want to stay forever alone, or hit you with a wave of painfully lonely feels. Relationships aren't the Instagram stories and perfectly timed pictures capturing "that" moment. They aren't the Hollywood do whatever but in the end I will always take you back. It is work you do from the first date until your last day on earth together. 

But they are the small moments that only you share. They are the nicknames and inside jokes that just from a glance you know exactly what the other is thinking. It's the endless laughs and challenges you face together as you work for yourselves to be the best versions of yourselves, that you can be with your partner truly and openly. 

But sometimes none of that matters because you are still swiping right and waiting for "the one" to drop into your lap. So while your waiting for fate to grace you with a win, enjoy these memes all about the true meaning of a relationship. 

And in that train of thought, we have a perfect collection of sexual relationship memes that go even further to detail the ins and outs of a real relationship behind the scenes. Or find the deep hidden meaning in these real life relationship memes that reveal the truths couples have kept for decades and are now finally being revealed. And if you're still left with a taste for more here are some cute relationship memes to send your special someone. And finally an extra batch of relationship memes in case you're feeling especially romantic.

25 pictures and memes about relationships that are bound to hit too close to home.
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