Patient Lists Their Mistress as Emergency Contact, Gets Exposed

We're not trying to promote infidelity or try to make anyone better at cheating on their spouse, but who in their right mind leaves a paper trail? It seems like if you wanted to get away with this sort of thing, you'd try not to leave official evidence of your extra-marital affairs. For a cheater brought to justice, here's someone who left their cheating ex on the top of a mountain.

patient lists mistress as emergency contact | Posted by u/eatapeach18 3 days ago called d my patient's mistress, but just doing told oc L This happened back 2009 working part time at doctor's office while nursing school one receptionists and did all filing and cataloguing and such boring work, but doctor (my boss) guaranteed job after nursing school so 's why did This particular doctor an orthopedic surgeon had lots patients coming MRIS, CT scans, and X-rays. This one particular patient, Frank
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