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Last year the deliciously irreverent beery overlords at BrewDog (aka James and Martin) decided it'd be fun to brew a beer via crowdsourcing. Aspects of the brew were opened to a public vote, from the style, to the malt bill and abv, to the hops and IBU, to a very special little twist. We ended up with a brown ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged over oak chips and Hazelnuts. I didn't think all that much of it. Whadda let down.

So when they decided to do it again this year I was all like "Woohoo! Sod last years brew this 'un's gonna be well wicked!!!" and I was straight over to the BrewDog website, lookin' at stuff and clickin' on stuff and well, it was awesome! Especially 'cause every damned choice I clicked on made it to the final brew. Srsly. And here it is, an imperial red ale hopped with a combination of US, NZ, and German hops, with a twist of added blood orange juice, lemon and orange zest. Cool.