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A woman caught this guy taking upskirt photos on the subway train.  The video description tells the full story:

A video won hundreds of thousands of views on China’s microblogging platform Weibo from April 21 shows a young woman confronting a man carrying a black garment bag, demanding him to delete the photos. It turned out that the man in the video had been snapping pictures underneath her skirt with a hidden camera in the garment bag. The man was seen denying his conduct then chewed the SD card and fled away.

The incident was later on revealed took place on a subway train in east China’s Nanjing on April 21. The video was taken by the brave young woman who stood up against the conduct. She posted the video on Weibo and wrote in the caption calling for all women not to be afraid and should not tolerate such behavior. The man was later on reported detained by local police.