Ah, Great Americans Day, the inspiration for many songs, greeting cards, and holiday treats. Yup, it’s a day when we all celebrate great... Americans? Wait, what the hell is Great Americans Day?

*Looks at Calendar*

The third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when we all give it a solid 24 to honor the memory of one of the Civil Rights Movement's most important leaders. What is going on here?

You’d have to ask the people of Biloxi, Mississippi, who, in the 1980s changed the name of “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” to “Great Americans Day.” Apparently, so they could also celebrate Americans, like Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Nice, guys.

via Agent M Loves Tacos

Recognizing this as gross, disrespectful, and just plain terrible in every imaginable way, Twitter does what they do best and outraged. But it actually worked this time, as the Mayor of Biloxi reversed the city ordinance, reclaiming the third Monday for one great American: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Check out the whole story below.

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