The Mom of This Cancer Patient Asks for a Pizza, the Internet Delivers an Entire Party

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The mother of Hazel Hammersley, a young cancer patient at Los Angeles's Children's Hospital, passed the time by jokingly requesting a pizza delivery on the window to her child's room. When anonymous internet donations started bringing in pie after pie, the entire fourth floor of the hospital was able to join in on a pizza party!

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Fail of the Day: 3D Printers Do Not Work Well With Easy Cheese

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A 3D printer that uses processed cheese may sound like a good idea, but the technology just isn’t quite there yet.

Andrew Maxwell-Parish, who manages a creative technology and interactive electronics lab at California College of the Arts, has been experimenting with Easy Cheese to create some delicious new art.

The device can easily cover your cracker, but anything else is a bit more complicated and just turns into a complete mess.

He does note that this is just the “initial testing” phase, so some smearing was expected.

Maybe one day you will be able to 3D print a home for yourself out of cheese, but until that time, it’s probably best to just squirt it in your mouth as God intended.