Daredevil of the Day: Man Performs Yoga Moves on Motorbike

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If you thought hot yoga was intense, you probably aren't ready for this.

Forty-year-old Gugulotu Lachiram is being called a "hero" in India for his death defying meditation techniques, which he performs on his motorbike at speeds up to 60 km/h with no helmet.

He says he gets scared, but so far he hasn't had any accidents - even though just one mistake away from turning downward facing dog into downward facing disfigurement.

Video Games IRL of the Day: Vigilante Mario Brothers Bring Water to Poor in Italy

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Italians who can't pay their utility bills are getting help from an unlikely source: Super Mario.

Wearing Mario masks and blue overalls, a group of vigilante plumbers from Rome have been turning the water back on in homes after utility companies turn it off.

They are fighting for underemployed citizens' "right to water" and investigate each case before deciding to take action, according to Vocativ.

About 25 percent of homes are late on payments, and they reportedly get about 200 requests a day.

Epic Battle of the Day: Drones and RC Cars Fight to Save Teddy Bear

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This is what drones were really made for.

Visual effects team Corridor Digital has produced an action packed video about a bunch of Parrot drones and remote controlled cars battling "battery bandits" to save the life of their teddy bear friend.

Think "Toy Story," but with a lot more explosions and some '80s montage music.

You can watch the creators talk more about the drones use in the video and how it was made here.

This French Santa Claus-Looking Gent Wants to Sell You a Pill to Make Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate

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From The Local:

"It's a nice present for the festive season," he told The Local on Tuesday. "There will be a real need for these pills over Christmas."

Poincheval, who has been involved in homeopathy, claims the all-natural herbal medicine not only facilitates intestinal transit, but also neutralises the odour of the gas let out.

According to the website that sells the pills, which also come in rose and violet scents, the herb mixture also helps reduce bloating.
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