The Battle of's Grocery Parking Lot

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This is what happens when you put recycling in the trash bin.


The Ultimate Glue Decision Chart

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A few notes:

Clearly, we can add vinyl records to the list of materials wood glue is used for.

I've never found a spray glue that doesn't wear off in a matter of days.

Just like this chart, I absolutely swear by the power of hot glue. I recently used it as the only adhesive on my Halloween costume and it held together superbly.

Meet Murray, Your Leaf-Collecting Best Friend

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From the submitter:

Bagger broke? There, I fixed it. This leaf scoop solves the problem with leaves piling up in front of the mower deck and pushes the bulk to the curb. Though it will shove your leaves to the curb, you don't want to use this on a busy road because you will certainly get a few strange looks.

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