Homemade Night Lamp

night lamp,lamp,homemade lamp
By Elemental Code
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From the submitter:

It has a story. Power went out, my father starts building this with tape, a lamp and a little camping chair and makes this awesome light. Guess what? Power came back, EPIC FAIL.

TIFI WIN: The 10-Speed Lamp

10-speed bike,bicycle,bike,bike lamp,handlebars,lamp,tifi win
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Here we see a nice little floor lamp made from old bicycle parts. Be sure to lock it up or someone might steal it!

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Isn't This What Lamp Shades Are For?

holding it up,lamp,light,worskshop
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No. Is horizontal lamp. Next question.

(For whatever reason I could only picture this as an exchange between Homer and the Khlav Kalash guy. Don't ask.)


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