Two Men Peed on a Bee's Nest in Vietnam, the Bees Sting Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

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From Metro:

Apparently we expected too much from several bus passengers who received several bee stings to their private parts recently after their bus pulled over at the side of the road to allow male passengers to relieve themselves.

One of them thought it would be a good idea to wee on a hive swarming with bees, at which point… well, you can guess what happened.

According to medics 22 people had been attacked by the bees after stopping to relieve themselves on a highway in the central province of Quang Ngai in Vietnam.

Close Call of the Day: Australian Man Has Seizure While Skydiving

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Christopher Jones was skydiving last November in Australia when he had a seizure in mid-air rendering him unconscious and unable to open his parachute.

Fortunately WA Skydiving Academy instructor Sheldon McFarlane was able make his way over to the man and pull the cord for him. There were also a few automated backups installed which would have triggered eventually, but McFarlane didn’t want to risk it.

The terrifying moment was all captured on video with the instructor’s helmet cam and already has over 4 million views since it was posted to YouTube over the weekend.

Jones always wanted to be a pilot, but this was not possible because of his epilepsy. He had been seizure-free for a number of years, he decided to try skydiving instead.

“I’ve always wanted to have the feeling of flight, so I just thought, considering I can’t fly a plane due to my condition, I thought I’d give it a go,” he said.