knock out

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Look, I've only ever been knocked out once in my life, and it was by a sumo wrestler, so I know exactly what this dude is going through.

After taking a shot from a sumo you go through five stages:

  1. Denial — There's no way I just got knocked out by a sumo
  2. Anger — When I get up, he's donzo
  3. Bargaining — Please, PLEASE, don't let me die here.
  4. Depression — It's hopeless. I'm going down. 
  5. Acceptance — This is my life now. I live on the floor.

Watching this sumo go through these stages is painful and hilarious. Enjoy it. 

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Look, three-day weekends can be deadly. But let's not lose our heads. If you're so drunk that you can trip and knock yourself out on a doorknob, maybe it's time to get some sleep. 

Let this video be a lesson to you.

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