Instagram Model Alexis Ren Goes on a Twitter Tirade and Disses Her Ex's Manhood

Alexis Ren, Instagram model and full-time babe, has been going no-holds-barred on Twitter these last couple days. 

Alexis and her ex-bf Jay Alvarez got famous on Instagram and Youtube after their video of a wild California vacation went viral in 2015 basically just because Alexis is really really ridiculously good looking. From there they coasted on into internet stardom. The two broke up sometime around the end of last year and that seemed to be the end of their PG-13 porn fueled relationship 

Well, apparently none of it has been sitting well with Alexis because now she's on the warpath and is even going after the man's manhood. 

Nevertheless, I'm sure posting all this publicly on social media is a healthy way of dealing with things.

If you don't care about that and just clicked because you saw 'Instagram Model' then welcome to you as well. 

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