Grandfather Opens 32-Year-Old Beer After Cubs Win the World Series
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It's been a big night for Cubs fan, who ended a 108-year losing streak to win the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. They're probably thirsty. Thirsty for old beer, that is. 

Ending a streak of his own, this grandfather finally opened a beer that he put in the fridge 32 years ago with a mental note "slam this bad boy when the Cubs win the the World Series." Let's just say, nothing makes a man thristier than their team winning the Fall Classic — thirstier for old beer, that is. 

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The chickens came home to roost — or the Cubs came home to roost or something —  last night, and he popped the top on this three-decade old Coors Banquet. Complete with pull-style tab can, the beer in question does not even fizz when he pours it into his proud Cubs mug. Reports say that the beer "smells like hell" and probably shouldn't be drunk. 

The family heard those reports, too. It smelled so bad that they wouldn't even let him drink it. After all, why would anyone want to celebrate a World Series win — more than a century in the making — in the emergency room because their grandfather was so thirsty for old beer. 

Be a winner, like the Cubs: Don't drink 30-year-old beer. 

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Things were rough at the opening game for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The stadium began a massive renovation project, but due to inclimate weather this past winter progress has been minimal. Despite all this, the Cubs insisted their field was prepared for opening day.

Cut to this weekend, where only two of the men's rooms in the entire stadium were functional. Literally thousands of fans waited in line for as long as an hour to take a leak, leading many to pee in cups, or make liquid graffiti of their names on the wall like children. Food shortages meant that many fans were left with nothing but french fries to snack on as the game progressed. 

The Cubs ended up losing their game 3-0 against the St. Louis Cardinals

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