These Guys Love Catcalling Women on the Street, Let's See What Happens When Their Moms Get Involved

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Reddit comments point out that this is likely staged for an ad campaign in Peru. The woman on the mic is Natalia Malaga, a former volleyball player and now coach.

From the Reddit thread:

Sorry for my English. I'm Peruvian.

It's not a Tv Show, is an ad for Everlast. Obviusly staged. Part publicity, part a NGO campaign against cat calling in the streets, who sadly is pretty common in Peru.

The woman talking before the "show" is Natalia Malaga, a coach of voleyball national team and famously volleyball player, now retired. Natalia have an tough style in coaching and even has accused of insulting and use derogatory words with teens players. Maybe for that she is the head of this campaign against cat calling.

Dating Fails: Dating Dispatches: How Dare You, Sign! HOW DARE YOU

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What started as a joke by a construction site turned into a full-blown controversy, as the above sign sparked anger among female protesters, even leading to a petition to have it removed.

What do you think? Is it a harmless joke, or a blatant attempt by the male conglomerate to further oppress women through construction site billboards?